“I first met Dr Morse when my beloved Butch began having health issues at the ripe old age of 13. He was a Staffordshire Terrier at 110lbs and Dr Morse was one of the few people he allowed in his inner circle. Towards the end Butch was having seizures and Dr Morse went to the ends of the earth to do all that he could for him.

Butch died in my arms on 4/3/2011 and Dr Morse again stepped in to guide me through the burial process. He knew that I wanted to have a Boxer as my next pet and he came through again with a breeder who put in together with my current dog Kobi. Luckily Kobi is pretty healthy and only needs regular checkups. Dr Morse will be my vet for life. I was blessed to stumble upon his practice years ago and I wouldn’t recommend any other vet for the care of anyone’s cherished pet”.

Kim Dameron

Warrensville Animal Center

4003 Warrensville Center Rd
Cleveland, OH 44122

Phone: 216-491-9333

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Monday9:00am – 5:00pm
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