“Dr. Morse has been our vet ever since we adopted our first cat in 1979. He is still our vet six cats and 34 years later. We actually adopted two of our cats from him. He has far exceeded our expectations many times when taking care of our animals. He has comforted us during the loss of our cats, and been there for us every time we needed him in an emergency situation.

On Father’s Day 2012, he met me at his hospital so that he could perform surgery on one of our cats. He has taken a personal interest in my family, and has offered professional advice and insights to our daughter who is pursuing a medical career. He has a God-given talent and heart for animals, and always assures us that he will take care of our kitties as though they were his own pets. Our relationship with him is more than that of a doctor-patient nature; he is truly a friend to us and our cats. As long as I have pets, I will continue to let Dr. Morse take care of them.”

Sheryl Moore

Warrensville Animal Center

4003 Warrensville Center Rd
Cleveland, OH 44122

Phone: 216-491-9333

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